To victory US army air force

This image shows a picture of a pilot with a b-17 bomber in the foreground. The poster states “To victory!”. It was designed to encourage pilots in the second world war and to champion the work they did among the American public. It was a poster for the patriot and supporters of the pilots during [...]

Keep him flying!Buy war bonds

This poster was made by the US airforce to champion the work of pilots to the general american public.The poster shows a pilot as he gets ready to get into his cockpit and go to battle. The Japanese flags at the side of his plane represent the number of kills he has. The poster encourages [...]

US Buy war bonds

This poster urges the people to buy war bonds to help the US war effort. The poster is a patriotic representation of Uncle Sam with the American flag and planes flying above and soldiers below. It shows a unified US front as they take on the nazis. War  bonds were debt securities issued by the [...]